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Research Areas

Line Geometry

ruled surface Ruled surfaces, congruences of lines, and special complexes of lines appear in many problems.

Differential Geometry

Surface We study some differential geometric properties of special curves and surfaces.

Triangle Geometry

ruled surface There are stil so many open questions concerning the triangle in Euclidean planes as well as in non-Euclidean planes.

Special Curves

Surface Generalizations of well-known Euclidean constructions to arbitrary geometries lead to new classes of curves. Some questions from geometric optics result also result in new types of curves.

Point Models

vertices Point models of various geometries allow us to treat complicated geometric objects as points. This simplification needs higher-dimensional model spaces and have a lot of applications.

Special Surfaces

Surface Some surfaces arise in a natural way as set of points with certain properties. We study singularities, metric, differential, and projective properties.

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